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Brushbeat is a website for drummers who enjoy all things brushes related.  In the articles section you can read all about the origins of brush playing in Never Swat a Fly, about the development of the wire brush in What Swat and learn some 'new' moves by working through the tutorial Early Jazz-Styles for Brushes.  You will also be able to download a sample chapter of my book,The Richmond Assault: a short history of barber-musicians and their role in the development of brush-playing. There is also a selection of 'brush breaks' through the ages (an ongoing project) and an article about Frank 'Josh' Billings (one of the first 'suitcase drummers' to achieve public acclaim).  More articles are in the pipeline, so be sure to drop by from time-to-time.
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My book, The Richmond Assault, is available to buy!  It includes a lengthy chapter about the origins of brush-playing, which contains plenty of new information.  A sample chapter (plus details of how to order) can be found in the articles section.  Please help pay for the hosting of free content on brushbeat by buying a copy (it all helps!). 

Big Sid Catlett jamming with Sidney Bechet